Unigrup, based on customer satisfaction priority and solution-oriented sales strategy, has adopted the principle of being a supporter of successful applications and new products by offering reliable, fast and high quality products and services to its customers with its 4 companies since 1995.

  • 1989


    Flame Retardants , Crosslinkers, Anti Corrosive Protection, Tin Catalyst, Stabilized Sillicons

  • 1995


    Catalysts for PU Epoxy and Textile Chemicals, Polyester Polyols, Polyether and Bio Polyols, Carbonates, MDI and Prepolymers, PU Release Agents Vacuum Metallization Lacquers, TPU and PU Systems

  • 1997


    Rigid and Flexible Films, Engineering Plastics, Special Chemicals

  • 2011


    High Pressure Metal Injection Machinery and Accessories, Melting Furnaces, High Pressure Metal Injection Molding Machines, Sleeves and Pistons, X-Ray Systems