Marbo metallization products developed for both evaporation and sputtering applications, to give optimal chemical and physical characteristics for all basecoats and topcoats. Marbo metallization products are suitable for use on plastics, metal alloys, and glass, applied by spray, flow coating or dipping.



  • Reduced drying times
  • Superior aesthetic finish, reduced environmental impact and lower cost when compared to galvanic processes
  • Excellent adhesion even to difficult substrates (e.g. polypropylene)
  • Optimum protection against corrosion, abrasion, petrol, alcohol and perfume
  • The process is free from any polluting by-products
  • Finished coatings compatible with all types of subsequent printing methods


Products applied directly to the metallization layer in order to protect and decorate it. These products in addition to ensuring high chemical and physical resistance (scratch and alcohol resistant properties etc) can be coloured in an infinite number of shades and tones and /or matted, such that it is possible to obtain an unlimited number of effects.

Traditional and high solid abrasion resistant
  • Heat curing products with guaranteed high abrasion resistance even when applied thinly.
Alcohol and essences resistant for cosmetics packaging
  • Single and two-component finishes with high chemical resistance. They will withstand the attack of perfumes, essences, and products with high solvent content while maintaining a high resistance to abrasion.
Water based
  • Range of products which are solvent free and eco-friendly.
  • UV polymerization cures the coating in seconds, with reduced solvent use, whilst retaining the highest recorded values ​​of physical and chemical resistance.