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DMCHA catalyst is a strongly basic, general purpose catalyst recommended for a broad range of rigid and semirigid urethane foams, including spray, slabstock, laminations and refrigeration insulation panels.

DMCHA catalyst, which is readily soluble in most polyols and organic solvents but essentially insoluble in water, shows excellent stability in B-compounds and can be batched with polyols or metered separately.

Total Amine meq/g                  8.0
Water wt-%                  0.25
Colour Pt-Co                  Açık Sarı
Freezing point oC                  < -78
Flash Point PMCC, oC                  40
Boiling Point 756mmHg, oC                   160
Viscosity, cp @20oC                   2,4
Density g/ml; 20/20oC                   0.85

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