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The Krown melting towers guarantee the least aluminium losses and the lowest energy consumptions, as well as, the best production conditions for aluminium foundries, optimising the process and ensuring metal quality the manufacturing of structural parts requires!


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  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimum aluminium losses
  • Optimal metal quality
  • Refractory long useful life
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Holding chamber under the melting chamber
  • Tilting melting tower
  • Metal removal by means of a plug
  • Quick melting
  • 100% energy saving thanks to strong thermal insulation, long furnace life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Accuracy in temperature +/-3 C
  • Power proportional control
  • Power proportional control
  • Heat recuperator. Gas Saving of 30%
  • Weight control of the furnace

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