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NC 28 is a low viscosity phenolics and aramotic-free flame retardant that can be used in both polyether and polyester based polyurethane foams.

The other specificity of NC-28 lies in its superior resistance toward crystallization at low temperature, a phenomenon that is often encountered with similar flame retardant commercial grades. As a result, it is a flame retardant of choice for use in winter conditions.

Its high purity and absence of phenolic by products make NC-28 a flame retardant of choice for enhanced VOC’s performance applications.

NC-28 can be used in continuous and discontinuous slabstock and moulded production applications. Examples of fire standards that can be met using NC-28 are UL94, Cal TB 117 parts A,D, FWVSS 302. It can also be associated with a synergist(i.e.melamine) for the production of foams that meet the requirements of BS5852 Crib5.

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Physical AppearancePale Yellow Transparent Liquid
Phosphorus Content (wt %)6,9-7,5
Chlorine Content (wt %)45-47
Viscosity @25C cPs1000
Density @25C kg/l1,47
Acidity mgKOH/gr<0,1
Colour (APHA)<60
Water (wt %)<0,1
OdourVery Mild


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