Ürün Detayı

Polyamin 206 is a fast drying, fast curing, 100% solid, flexible, two-component spray hybrid polyurea elastomer coating material.

Polyamin 206 is used by itself or in combination with other coating materials for coating, insulating and creating flexible surfaces for concrete or other surfaces. It can be applied even at temperatures as low as 5 ° C without the need for special treatment thanks to its fast reactivity and curing feature.

Polyamin 206 creates flexible, solid, high abrasion resistant, high physical strength surfaces in any desired thickness.


  • Industrial Facilities
  • Parking Garage Decks
  • Waterproofing, Dampproofing
  • Truck Bedliners
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Bottling and Canning Facilities
  • Fertilizer and Other Process Plants
  • Airports


  • Very fast setting
  • No water reaction
  • Coating can be handled in short time
  • 100% Solids (NO VOC)
  • Mobile application in the field
  • 1:1 volumetric ratio
  • Can be applied at low temperatures
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • High temperatures resistance


Polyamin 206 should only be sprayed with certain equipment. Use 1:1 ratio pump, with appropriate material heaters, as required for individual application. Consult the Unigrup for application details.


Minimum 1,5-2kg/m² in a single coat


  • A: 200kg steel drum container
  • B: 225kg steel drum container


  • PDA
  • Huntsman
  • Albemarle