Ürün Detayı

A range of products specifically developed to allow problem-free demoulding of all types of Polyurethanes:

  • Expanded Foams such as Flexible – HR – Visco elastic
  • Rim both RRim and SRim, Integral skin, Microcellular and Elastomers.
  • Rigid low density for insulation for Integral Skin, Microcellular and Elastomers.


Water based release agents;
• Pleasant surface finish and dry touch
• Easy to apply with air mix spray equipment
• Reduced consumption compared to traditional release agents

Concentrated release agents; ;
• Solvent free
• Ready for use through automated application
• May be diluted on site

High solids release agents;
• Safer solvents, ready for use
• Reduced consumption
• Easy to be apply with air mix spray equipment

Diluted release agents solvent based;
• Ready to use
• Extremely versatile and very easy to use in any condition