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TCPPis a chlorinated phosphate ester commonly used in both rigid polyurethane foams (PUR and PIR) and in flexible polyurethane foams.

TCPP, sometimes referred to as TMCP, is an additive flame retardant that can be added to either side of a two component urethane / isocyanurate package to achieve long term stability.

In rigid foam applications, TCPP is widely used in flame retardant packages to help formulators pass fire safety codes such as the DIN 4102 (B1/B2), EN 13823 (SBI, B), GB/T 8626-88 (B1/B2), ASTM E84-00.

In flexible foam applications, TCPP is particularly suited to pass the BS 5852 crib 5, in combination with melamine.

Physical Appearance                  transparent liquid
Phosphorus content (wt %)                  9,4
Chlorine content (wt %)                  32,5
Vizkozite @25C cPs                  65
Specific Gravity @20C                  1,29
Acidity mgKOH/g                  <0.1
Water content(wt %)                  <0.1
Odour                  mild, characteristic

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