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TEPA is principally a mixture of four TEPA ethyleneamines with close boiling points including linear, branched, and two cyclic TEPA products, and higher molecular weight products.

TEPA is used for asphalt additives, mineral processing aids,  corrosion inhibitors, polyamide resins, epoxy curing agents, surfactants, hydrocarbon purification, textile additives, lube oil and fuel additives.

Amine Value, mh KOH/g 1343
Appearance Clear amber liquid
Water, wt-% 0.50 max
Colour, Gardner 4 max
Boiling Point, 760 mmHg, oC 332
pH 11.5
Freezing point oC 41
Viscosity, cp @20oC 23.4
Density, g/ml @20oC 0.991
Specific Gravity, 20/20 oC 0.993

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