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Tetrahydrofuran, is an industrial solvent, is used in the plastic industry, pharmaceutical production and special chemical applications. THF is 99.95% pure. It contains 0.10% butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) as an antioxidant. It has a clean and colorless appearance.


Property Unit Minimum Maximum Analyses
Purity (THF) % 99.950 > 99.98
Color APHA 10 <5
Water ppm 300 <100
Peroxide ppm 150 <10
Stabilizer (BHT) ppm 75 150 100 – 125

Usage Area

Solvent Resin;

  • PVC and CPVC pipe bonding
  • Magnetic Strip Production
  • Polyurethan Fabric Coating
  • Ink Production for the Plastics Industry


  • Stench Gas Production
  • Polytetramethylether Production for Polyurethan ve Polyester

Carrier Solvent;

  • Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Chemicals

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