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M-2005 polyetheramine is a nominal 2000 molecular weight monoamine with a PO/EO ratio of about 29/6.

M-2005 is used for molecular weight control in polyamides, preparation of comb polymers with poly(acrylic acid) or similar linear polymers and preparation of epoxy resin adducts.

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 Total Amine, meq/g             0.42 – 0.50
Ahew, g/eq             1045
Colour, Pt-Co             75 Max
Water, wt. %             0.25 Max
Density g/ml (lb/gal), 25°C              1.000 (8.35)
Flash Point, PMCC, °C (°F)              235 (455)
pH              11.7
Viskosity, cSt, 37.8°C (100°F)              131
Melting Point °C (°F)               -36 (-33)

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