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Pigmentan MX is a modified magnesium oxyaminophosphate.

Pigmentan MX is non toxic and does not contain heavy metals such as zinc or other

hazardous ingredients.

Pigmentan MX is an off-white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment for metal primers –

alkyds, two-pack epoxy and polyurethane, etc.

Pigmentan MX provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness especially on

ferrous metals.

Pigmentan MX is a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc Phosphate, modified zinc phosphates and other anti-corrosive pigments.

pH (in water dispersion)


Particle Sİze Distribution (micron)

   D (90)

   D (50)


25.0 max

10.0 max

Solubility (gr/100ml water)

0.2 max

Volatiles (%)

2.0 max.

Density (g/ml)


Oil Absorption (g/100g)



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