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ZF-22 is a blended material consisting of 70 wt% bis (2-dimethylaminoethyl) ether and 30 wt% dipropylene glycol.

ZF-22 is widely used in flexible polyether slabstock and moulded foams using either TDI or MDI formulations.

It is frequently blended with other amine catalysts to balance the blowing and gelation reactions, and is stable in blended systems containing silicones or metal catalysts.


APPEARANCE                  Berrak Sıvı
TOTAL AMINE meq/g                  8.78
WATER WT-%                  0.25
COLOUR PT-CO                  50
FREEZING POINT oC                  < -60
FLASH POINT PMCC, oC                   73
VİSKOSITY, cp @20oC                   4
DENSITY g/ml; 20/20oC                   0.90



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