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Pigmentan EA is an oxyaminophosphate salt of magnesium and calcium.

Pigmentan EA is non toxic and does not contain heavy metals such as zinc or other hazardous ingredients.

Pigmentan EA is off-white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment for metal primers  particularly emulsions and water based epoxy.

Pigmentan EA provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness.

Pigmentan EA is designed to substitue basic and modified zinc phosphate and other anticorrosive pigments in water based metal primers, mainly emulsions and 2K epoxy.

Pigmentan EA has a high efficiency and low specific gravity which can lead to savings of 30-40% by weight compared to existing anticorrosive pigments in existing paint formulations.

pH (water)9,5-10.8
Particle Size Distribution (micron)

D (99)

D (50)


20 max

2.0-5.0 max

Solubility (g/100ml water)0.3 max
Volatiles (%)2,5 max.
Density (g/ml)2,25 -2,6
Oil Absorption  (g/100g)35-55


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