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YK-1301 has been devised to allow the production of low density viscoelastic foam, also referred to as memory foam.

Its unique structure allows the production of a flexible PU system that has an open cell foam (breathability).

Although usable over a wide density range, YK-1301 has found great interest in foam with density of 45 kg/m3.

YK-1301 is classified as a low potency surfactant.

Another important feature of YK-1301 is that it is compatible with both TDI and MDI technologies.

Finally, its low potency character makes that YK-1301 can be also used in the production of high density polyether-based slabstock foam.



Slightly yellow, Transparent liquid

Water, wt. %

≤ 0.3

Spesific Gravity




Viscosity, 25°C

300-500 cPs

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