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Pigmentan EM is a modified oxyaminophosphate of magnesium with reduced reactivity.

Pigmentan EM, that is non toxic and does not contain heavy metals such as zinc or other hazardous ingredients, complies with REACH and ROSH directives.

Pigmentan EM is an off-white non-refractive anticorrosive pigment for metal primers –alkyds, two-pack epoxy and polyurethane, etc.

Pigmentan EM provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness especially on ferrous metals.

Pigmentan EM is recommended to substitute basic zinc phosphate at 1:1 weight ratio with superior performance.


pH (water)9,5-10.8
Particle Size Distribution (micron) (micron)

D (90)

D (50)


25.0 max

10.0 max

Solubility (g/100ml water)0,4 max
Volatiles (%)2.5 max.
Density (g/ml)2,4-2,8
Oil Absorption  (g/100g)25-50


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