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Pigmentan E is an oxyaminophosphate salt of magnesium.

Pigmentan E is a non-toxic substitute for zinc phosphate and chromate based compounds, it does not contain any heavy metals such as zinc or other hazardous, complies with REACH and ROSH directives.

Pigmentan E is an off-white non-refractive anticorrosive used in solvent based metal primers – alkyds and two-pack epoxy and polyurethane.

Pigmentan E provides excellent performance and cost effectiveness to the paint formulator especially on ferrous metals as well as in wash primers and other aluminum primers.

pH (water)9,5-10.8
Particle Size Distribution (micron)

D (90)

D (50)


10.0 max

5.0 max

Solubility (g/100ml water)0,4 max
Volatiles (%)5.0 max
Density (g/ml)2,16-2,4
Oil Absorption  (g/100g)50-75


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