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T-5000 polyetheramine is a trifunctional primary amine of approximately 5000 molecular weight. It is clear, almost colorless, viscous, liquid product.

T-5000 is used for crosslinker for polyurea, co-reactant in epoxy sytems where adhesion promotion and flexibility are important, surfactant and corrosion inhibitor applications.

Total Amine, meq/g            0.50 min – 0.54 max
Ahew, g/eq            952
Colour, Pt-Co            75 max
Water, wt. %            0.25 max
Density g/ml (lb/gal), 25°C             0.997 (8.31)
Flash Point, PMCC, °C (°F)             213 (415)
Viskosity, cSt, 25°C (77°F)             819

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