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AK-9901 is a kind of organic polymer solution.

AK-9901 has unique organic polymer structure, which makes polyurethane foam has cell open character. While this, it does not cause changes in cell size.

It can be used with other additives and water. AK-9901 does not have foam stabilizing function. It must cooperate with silicone foam stabilizer.

To chose silicone foam stabilizers with good nuclear forming ability (e.g. AK-8805 AK-8830 AK-8871), will make product has good cell opened quality. Cell opened rate can reach 90%.

The recommended use level is approximately between 0.5 to 2 parts per 100 parts of polyol.



Transparent, colourless liquid

Water, wt. %

≤0.3 %


0.95 ± 0.05 g/cm3

Freezing point


120 ± 50 m Pa. s

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